Eyes are sensitive part of our body. Long term sunlight exposure causes eye problems. So wearing sunglasses protect our eyes

Wearing sunglasses have lot of benefits for protection of eye and skin around eye, not only for fashion.

Sunglasses protect our eyes from dangerous ultraviolet radiation coming from the sunlight which may cause  cataract.

Dust in the air can physically damage your eyes due to which you may suffer from  itching & burning sensation

It is mandatory to wear sunglasses after cataract and LASIK surgery to protect eyes from ultraviolet radiation & physical particles

Bright sunlight exposure  cause severe headache. Wearing sunglass in sunlight reduces stress over eyes so headache

While riding cycle or bike, your eyes are protected from wind and dust from the air  by using sunglasses

Skin around eye is very sensitive which can be damaged by sunlight. 10% skin cancers occur around eye