Christmas is time for suger and spice. Eat healthy and Tasty fresh snacks to prevent Holiday Weight Gain 

Coconut balls have low carbohydrate and high fat. Delicious coconut balls melt in your mouth easily.

Candies Chistmas fruit cake  contains plain dried fruit and has less suger and much tasty and gluten free

Gingerbread is nice breakfast with your friends. Cinnamon, ginger, cloves add warmed over gingerbread

 Kids definitely love Strawberry Santa and they fight to eat it. It is rich source of immune booster vitamin C

Christmas Deviled egg are delicious. Salad is sprinkled over it to make it nutritious and tasty to eat

Creamy, Frothy Almond Milk provides less carbohydrates. You can mix sweetner to almond milk to sweeten it

Cherry tomato bites are tasty and flavoured. Tomato creamed with cheese over it and simply pop them in your mouth