Reduce Risk of Heart Attack

Running at moderate speed daily in the morning reduces risk of heart attack

Helps to Reduce Extra Weight

Running helps to burn more calories as multiple muscles work at the same  time which reduces excess weight

Boost Brain Power

Running increases blood flow to the brain which improves brain executive and cognitive functions

Helps For Sound Sleep

Running expend your energy level so you feel tired and you will get sound sleep at the end of a day

Reduces Stress

Running reduces stress hormones and increases happiness hormones from the body which ultimately reduces stress

Improves Muscle Strength

Running improves strength of muscles by rebuilding it and prevent further damage to the muscles

Prevent Skin Diseases

Running increases blood flow to the skin which increases heat  which causes sweat out of germs from the body

Breaks Bad Habits

Regular running avoid crave for the bad habits like smoking and drinking. So you stay away from bad habits