8 Best Newborn Baby Care Tips For New Parents

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Newborn Baby Care Tips : Newborns give joy to the married couple when they become parents for the first time. So the newborn baby care to be taken along with the same joy. New parents do not have much knowledge about newborn care properly. Parents must understand some care tips for their newborn growth and well being.

Wash your hands before handling newborn as baby has not developed immune system so it may responsible for transmission of the infection. Everyone who handles baby must wash their hand or use sanitiser before handling baby.

Newborn Baby Care Tips

  • Prepare For Birth : You must do preparation before the birth of a baby. Within the first few days of birth the baby can sleep while rolling. You should choose an even and medium sized mattress. The height of the mattress should be such that the mother can easily pull the baby out.of the curve.
Prepare For Birth
  • Underwears : Make sure that you bought enough underwear for your baby before delivery. Most of the maternity hospitals provide the list of essentials for the newborn for the first weeks of life. You must keep diapers as well when there will be no underwear dried. Underwear should be washed frequently so that you will have a margin when the baby gets wet later. During the first days of life, a new baby suffers from stressful situations as it becomes exposed to a new environment. Baby remains in the mother’s womb for a long time and suddenly the baby comes to an unfamiliar environment which changes frequently. First the baby has to adopt a hospital environment and after discharge from hospital again the baby has to adopt a home environment. So try to make the environment around the baby calm and confident.
  • Carry a Baby : Baby has soft bones so you must carry a baby with caution. When you take the baby in your hands, your palm should hold your shoulder and neck. Do not hold the chest of the baby tightly. During the neonatal period which lasts for the first 28 days of life, the baby should be kept horizontally. Do not try to keep the baby in a seated position. 
  • Move a Baby : Newborns also move and they like to move their arms. Do not wrap the baby tightly in the cloth as the baby movements become less. A child with freedom of movement develops rapidly.
  • Talk to The Newborn : Baby will remember your voice so you must talk to your baby from the first day of life. Voice is associated with comfort and protection. Speak to your baby calmly while feeding, bathing and changing diapers. Sing soothing songs even if you do not know about singing. 
  • Play With Baby : You can even play with a few day old baby. The Awake period is too short so you can play with your baby at such times. The baby gradually learns to respond to you. 
Play With Baby
  • Bathing : Bathing is one of the enjoyable treats for the baby. You must consult your pediatrician first before starting the bath. Bath your baby in lukewarm water as it will be soothing for your baby.
  • Baby’s Opinion : Baby knows how much he or she can sleep and eat. Some babies may sleep for a long time while some sleep for short times. You need to just observe and do not compare your baby with other babies as every baby is different. 

New parents must take those tips while caring for their baby after delivery. It’s very joyful to be with your newborn baby’s first days of life. 

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