9 Ways To Boost Children Immunity : Parents Must Follow Those Guidelines To Keep Their Child Healthy

By Dr Nikhil

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Ways To Boost Children Immunity : Most of the children possess low immunity due to which they suffer from illness at any point of time. This low immunity level is responsible for hampering their physical growth like weight and height.

Parents should be aware of the ways by which they can increase their child immunity. If they follow proper ways to boost their child’s immunity, their child’s future will become healthy and wealthy.

  • Physical Activity : Exercise is one of the best ways to boost your child’s immunity. Simple walking, running and playing games are the physical activities which increase blood circulation throughout the body which improves physical growth of your child.
physical activity for children
  • Sound Sleep : Sound sleep is very much essential to gain brain function which improves immune power. You should make your child’s bedtime routine regular along with parents. It will be responsible for a good sleep pattern which has a good role to keep your child fresh all the time.
  • Stress Free Environment : Parents should keep a calm environment in their house as it is essential for the well being of the child and it keeps friendly gestures between child and parents which improves emotional bond between them. As the mind remains calm, the immune system works very smart. 
stress free environment for children
  • Immunization : Proper shot of vaccine at proper time helps to boost your child immunity against various vaccine protective diseases. So you must give vaccines as per schedule to your child to protect them from vaccine preventable diseases which ultimately helps to boost their immune power.
  • Healthy Habits : Healthy habits play an important role to keep your child healthy and away from illness. Washing hands with hand wash or soap before and after eating, after sneezing and coughing, and after playing outdoor are healthy habits which your child must follow. Washing hands after activities cleans your hands and kills germs present on the hand which protect your child from diseases like diarrhea.
healthy habits for children
  • Healthy Diet : Healthy diet like green vegetables and fruits in your child diet plan helps them to get essential vitamins, minerals as well as nutrients for the proper growth of the body. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding sugar added substances is very much essential. These habits can make your child healthy with a good immune system.
  • Avoid Exposure to Pollution : Exposure to the smoke and outside pollution must be avoided which will protect your child from suffering respiratory illness as at present time due to the pollution allergic respiratory symptoms are increasing in the children. Smoking must be avoided in the home as it is carcinogenic to those who do not smoke as well.
  • Newborn Care : Exclusive Breastfeeding is very much essential for the growth of a newborn baby as it provides vitamins, minerals and immunoglobulins which improves immune power of the baby. People who are sick must stay away from the newborn as newborns have low immune power and they suffer from illness immediately after contact with an ill person.
newborn care
  • Avoid Improper Medication : Parents must avoid use of antibiotics for every illness as antibiotics are helpful in bacterial infection. They do not have any role in viral infections. Unnecessary antibiotic medication produces antibiotic resistance in your child.

Following the above habits for your child, you can increase your child’s immunity power which will help him/her to fight against infections and proper growth and development.

Dr Nikhil is Pediatrician works at Nandai Clinic in Jalgaon. He has completed his MBBS in 2009 and DCH in 2015. He has started blog for generating awareness about health among people for healthy lifestyle.

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