Mysterious Pneumonia : White Lung Syndrome Striking Rapidly in Children

By Dr Nikhil

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After Pneumonia breakout in China, Ohio is First American state experiencing rise in pneumonia cases among children as most of them get hospitalised.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told that rising cases is not cause of fear but the spread of cases is rise of concern which can cause pneumonia outbreak in American hospitals.

As per new investigations, patients are tested positive for Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, a antibiotic resistant bacterial infection. The age group of children involved are between 3 year to 8 years of age and there are many theories behind it.

Some suggest that lockdown caused lower immune level among children and mask wearing also responsible for low immunity level in the children.

The Warren County Health District officials told Daily Mail that there is rapid increase in number of cases than normal and reminded public to follow necessary precaution to protect their health and avoid social gathering among friends and family to combat spread of infection.

Symptoms you may see in pneumonia is high grade fever, cough and fatigue. The infection spreads through air so you must follow proper respiratory hygiene.

Hand washing is very important to combat transmission of infection. Always cover your mouth when you cough as it can spread airborne particles which may contain infectious particles through which person near you may contract infection.

Awareness about pneumonia vaccine must be there as they protect your child from severe pneumonia infection.

Ohio is not only place which has reported pneumonia outbreak but Netherland and Denmark also reported spike in mysterious pneumonia cases in the young children.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continuously monitoring the situation and it coincide with the seasonal rise of pneumonia cases.

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Dr Nikhil is Pediatrician works at Nandai Clinic in Jalgaon. He has completed his MBBS in 2009 and DCH in 2015. He has started blog for generating awareness about health among people for healthy lifestyle.

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