Unlocking Brain Secrets By Artificial Intelligence Algorithms : New Revolution

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Artificial Intelligence makes new developments in the field of neuroscience. A researcher from University of Southern California (USC) developed a new algorithm that enhances decoding of the neural signals in the real time. This breakthrough has revolutionary potential to interpret the brain signals and improve capabilities in neurotechnologies.

DFINE : A New Neuroscience AI Algorithm

DFINE is a new AI algorithm developed by students of University of South California. It helps to detect the neural signals from the brain even when some neural signals are missing. This is the major advancement in neurotechnology which will help in the treatment of neurological and mental illness. 

DFINE algorithm follows deep learning techniques with advanced signal processing methods to extract information from the brain signals with accuracy and speed. This combination of techniques helps to detect accurate neural signals and interpret performance of the brain computer interface.

This new AI research will help researchers to understand cognitive function and ultimately it will help in the field of neurology and psychology to detect different disorders early for the treatment.

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Neural ODE : Ordinary Differential Equation AI Algorithm

A team of researchers led by Lifang He, an assistant professor of computer science and engineering at Lehigh University developed a new model of brain graph using artificial intelligence. Static graph represents single point of time while Dynamic graph represents multiple images taken at multiple points of time. They have used a new AI method known as neural ODE (Ordinary Differential Equation) to access those dynamic graphs. Dynamic graphs help in detecting changes in the brain function from time to time.

This AI technology will help to detect the biomarkers, genetic changes associated with the brain. which helps to detect brain disorders early. This will revolutionize the approach of diagnosis and treatment of neurology disorders.

At present MRI and CT scan helps to understand the functional and structural damage in the brain. These scans help to understand changes in the brain. Sometimes those imaging may miss some disorders of the brain. 

MRI Brain is magnetic resonance imaging which provides a details of anatomy and physiological pictures of the brain. It is non invasive procedure which use magnetic field to analyze the organ functioning of the body.

CT Scan is computed tomography scan which takes cross sectional images of the body to detect any internal injuries or tumors from the brain. It is a series of X rays taken at a single time.

There should be rules and regulations for artificial intelligence to protect privacy of the patient and data protection. There must be algorithm transparency. Artificial intelligence will be helpful to diagnose early and improve patient outcome and understand complex functions of the brain.

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