8 Foods That Helps To Reduce Body Weight And Maintain Nutritional Status Of The Body

By Dr Nikhil

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Weight Gain is a very common problem in the present era and it becomes very difficult to reduce weight when it gets raised. People spend a lot of money on weight loss programmes. Many people suffer from various health problems due to their high weight and unhealthy diet.

One of the best ways to lose weight is to add fruits and proper foods in your diet plan so that your body will maintain your weight along with vitamins.. So let’s know about 8 Foods That Helps To Reduce Body Weight by burning excess fat.

  • Grapefruit : Many of us don’t know that Grapefruit is essential for weight loss. The phytochemicals present in the grapefruit lower the insulin level and convert body calories into energy instead of fat. According to various studies, drinking a half grapefruit juice before breakfast, lunch and dinner will help to reduce the weight by 4 pounds in 12 weeks. So add grapefruit to your diet plan to reduce your weight.
grapefruit for weight loss
  • Green Tea : Green tea is very helpful to reduce body weight. Green tea burns a type of antioxidant fat known as catechin, it helps in controlling excess weight gain by reducing excess fat. As per one study, green tea burns upto 60 calories for a single day. So it is possible to lose 8 pounds of weight by drinking green tea regularly for a year. Green tea also reduces LDL cholesterol which is harmful for the body. LDL cholesterol is also known as bad cholesterol.
green tea for weight loss
Green Tea
  • Water : Drinking plenty of water is one of the ways to lose your body weight. One study has found that drinking 2 glasses of cold water before breakfast, lunch and dinner reduces 16400 calories over the period of a year.
  • Egg : Egg is one of the reference proteins. Egg white enriched with protein. It helps to keep the stomach full for a long period of time which reduces the feeling of hunger. If an egg is added in your morning breakfast, you will consume relatively few calories throughout a day which helps to lose weight.
  • Pesto Nuts : Pesto nuts can be used as a snack in your diet because it contains healthy fat and protein and dietary fiber which help in weight loss. The fats present in pesto nuts are unsaturated which keep the brain and heart healthy.
pesto nuts for weight loss
Pesto Nuts
  • Mushroom : Regular eating of mushrooms helps to get rid of excess fat from your body. You can make a habit of eating mushrooms rather than eating meat or chicken. It is very healthy and provides very few calories. One cup of mushroom provides 44 calories.
  • Olive oil : You can plan to lose weight by adding olive oil in your regular diet. It contains monounsaturated fatty acids which are useful to burn calories.You can mix olive oil with the green salad which increases the quality of salad and helpful for losing excess weight.
olive oil for weight loss
Olive Oil
  • Broccoli : Broccoli has a lot of fiber, protein and a lot of vitamins and minerals. It provides very few calories. Broccoli is responsible for craving for physical hunger as well as desire to eat. So you can easily add broccoli in your diet to lose weight.
broccoli for weight loss

So plan to add those foods in your diet to reduce excess weight.

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Dr Nikhil is Pediatrician works at Nandai Clinic in Jalgaon. He has completed his MBBS in 2009 and DCH in 2015. He has started blog for generating awareness about health among people for healthy lifestyle.

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